1. Washtech on AOL's new AIM (thanks rand)
  2. Federal appeals court rejects government and Microsoft's requests (thanks rand)
  3. Yahoo reports that hacker's supporters ask Adobe to aid in defense,
    House panel passes web-tax ban,
    and file sharing has gone 'underground' (thanks ---k)
  4. X-bit labs reports that Maxtor has released Ultra ATA/133 spec (thanks ---k)
  5. Electic Tech has IE 5.5 Service Pack 2
    and reports that Samsung and Sony will collaborate on memory sticks
  6. Tech Extreme reports that U.S. computers are vulnerable,
    IE6 ready to go gold in August,
    and new electric-shock game controllers are coming
  7. The Inquirer has the latest on the SirCam worm (thanks rand)
  8. BBC News reports that NASA has produced 'most accurate' global 3D map

  1. Rojak Pot on Abit KG7's memory requirements
    and BIOS guide update
  2. Van's Hardware on AMD K8 'Hammer'
  3. Van's Hardware on the state of Intel
  4. SystemLogic gives an in-depth technical overview of the Pentium 4
    and reviews Pentium 4 1.7GHz
  5. AMDPower reviews Athlon 1.4GHz
  6. VTR-Hardware reviews Athlon 760MP & Athlon MP platform
  7. The TripleHelix reviews Gigabyte GA-7ZX
  8. SocketA reviews Sono VK2208A
  9. TweakTown reviews Abit KT7E,
    Shuttle AK31, and Altec Lansing ADA890 speakers
  10. 1002 BIOS for Asus A7V266
Graphics, networking, and multimedia

  1. Ars Technica on digital photography as an art form
  2. Neoseeker reviews OCZ Titan3 GF3
  3. accelenation reviews Matrox Marvel G450 eTV
  4. HotHardware reviews SGI 1600SW LCD display
  5. Digit Life on Linksys HomePNA 2.0 equipment
  6. SourceMagazine reviews Pioneer DVR-A03 DVD-R/CD-RW
Power and cooling

  1. GideonTech on powering up a PSU without a motherboard
  2. Extreme Overclocking reviews Vantec CCK-6035D heatsink
  3. I am not a geek reviews "the Funnel"
  4. has a quick review of the Silent Saturn cooler
  5. Atlanta OC's heatsinks roundup
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