60 FPS content, new creator options coming to YouTube

The latest YouTube statistics are pretty insane. Each month, the site serves more than six billion hours of video to over a billion unique users. Over 100 hours of content is uploaded every minute, YouTube claims, and creators will soon have a bunch of new tools at their disposal. The official YouTube Creators blog has outlined a collection of features due in the next few months, including support for higher frame rates.

Uploaders will soon be able to share clips recorded at 48 and 60 frames per second, which should make gaming and other action-packed footage a lot more compelling. A few 60 FPS clips are already available, and the updated Battlefield Hardline multiplayer trailer nicely highlights the benefits of the higher frame rate.

Mmmm. Creamy smoothness. For reference, the original trailer can be viewed here.

Support for higher frame rates should be especially appealing to folks who record and post their own gameplay videos. It's not the only new feature on the way, either. Google is reworking its YouTube Creator Studio apps for Android, iOS, and the desktop. An expanded audio library promises royalty-free sound effects, and "info cards" are set to provide annotation options for folks who want to roll their own Pop-Up Videos. YouTube is also introducing a payment system that allows viewers to contribute directly to their favorite channels "at any time, for any reason."

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