Deal of the week: Thermaltake's Theron gaming mouse for $20

On the off chance that you haven't spent all your money in the ongoing Steam Summer Sale, we've collected a handful of enticing hardware deals. Some of them are familiar from previous deals posts, but that doesn't make the discounts any less sweet.

  • Thermaltake's Theron gaming mouse is massively discounted at Newegg. The vendor has knocked $10 off the usual list price, and an exclusive TR promo code (TR6W4) shaves another $5. Add in the $25 mail-in rebate (MIR), and the mouse ends up costing only $19.99—less than half price. Shipping is free, as it is for pretty much all of this week's deals.
  • If you're in the market for a cheap Haswell board, check out MSI's Z97 PC Mate, which Newegg is hawking for only $79.99 after a series of discounts that includes a 10%-off coupon for TR readers (TR6W42) and a $10 MIR. The board is a pretty barebones offering, but it should provide unfettered access to the unlocked multipliers in K-series Intel CPUs. Looks like a potentially good partner for the $75 Pentium Anniversary Edition.
  • Need a new graphics card to play all those fresh additions to your Steam library? Sapphire's Radeon R9 290 Tri-X should do the trick. The card is down to $360 at TigerDirect after a $30-off coupon (code: LQV132541) and a $10 rebate. This isn't some stock-clocked reference unit, either; it has a triple-fan cooler, higher-than-stock frequencies, and a trio of free games from AMD's Gold Reward tier.
  • If you budget is a little tighter, MSI's GeForce GTX 660 Gaming is a more affordable option. This card is selling for only $139.99 at Newegg after an instant discount and a $30 MIR. As one might expect, the card has a hot-clocked GPU and a custom cooler. It also comes with a free copy of Watch Dogs, which sells for around $60 on its own.
  • We had to get around to storage eventually. High-capacity mechanical drives are popular this week, with Newegg selling Seagate's Desktop HDD.15 4TB for $139.99 and WD's Green 4TB for $144.99. Promo code 6SANNSALE188 is required for the Green, but there's no need to mess with mail-in rebates for either drive. If you want something a little faster, TigerDirect has Seagate's Barracuda 7200.14 3TB on sale for $89.99 after a $30 coupon (code: OIU132313) and a $10 MIR. The 'cuda spins its platters at 7,200 RPM, while the 4TB drives have rotational speeds around 5,400 RPM.
  • Finally, we come to the SSDs. There are some OK discounts on uber-budget drives, but these days, the most attractive deals are often found higher up the chain. Case in point: Samsung's 840 EVO 1TB, which is only $404.99 at Newegg right now. That deal expires at 8PM Pacific Time today, so act quickly if you're interested. We should also point out that Seagate's 600 SSD 480GB is selling for only $179.99 at TigerDirect after a $30 MIR and promo code CYR132319. Crucial's MX100 remains an excellent deal, too, even though it's barely been discounted from the official MSRP.

Those are the deals that caught our eye this morning. As always, feel free to chime in with additional deals in the comments below.

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