Release roundup: Mining mobos, colored coolers, and USB 3.0 thumb drives

This week in the roundup, we've got announcements from Biostar, Lepa, and Silicon Power. Exciting, I know. My fingers are trembling with anticipation as I type.

  • Biostar's TB85 ready for work, play or Bitcoin mining. This is a budget-oriented ATX motherboard featuring Intel's low-end B85 chipset. It's got an LGA1150 processor socket, a couple of DIMM slots, and—this is where things get mildly interesting—six PCIe slots. Five of the slots are x1 Gen2 and connected to the chipset, while the sixth is x16 Gen3 and hooked up to the CPU. The x1 slots aren't open-ended, so you'll have to get extensions or adapters to plug in the kinds of PCIe x16 graphics cards folks normally use for mining.

  • Lepa introduces the LV12 CPU coolers. These tower-style coolers have black and white thermally conductive coatings, quad heat pipes, 120-mm magnetic-bearing fans with adjustable speeds, and $44.99 price tags. They look an awful lot like those Enermax ETS-T40 coolers we reviewed last year. Lepa and Enermax seem to be affiliated in some way, which is probably why. There's a fair amount of crossover between Enermax and Lepa products in general.

  • SP/ Silicon Power releases the ultra-fast USB 3.0 flash drive—Marvel M70. The M70 is available in 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB capacities with top read and write speeds of 240MB/s and 80MB/s, respectively. I'm not sure that counts as "ultra-fast," considering some of Corsair's USB 3.0 thumb drives have rated write speeds over 100MB/s. It's still plenty fast, though—and the M70 has a lifetime warranty.

Wow, look at that thing go!


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