Rumor: Asus smartwatch may cost as little as $99

Could Asus massively undercut the competition in the nascent Android Wear smartwatch market? Maybe so. TechCrunch says it has learned from a "source familiar with the company's plans" that Asus will "likely" price its first Wear smartwatch between $99 and $149.

That would make the device quite a bit more affordable than the Android Wear watches that were announced at Google I/O last week. Samsung's Gear Live, the cheapest of the bunch, has a $199 list price. According to The Verge, Motorola's Moto 360 may cost $249, which would make it the priciest.

TechCrunch says the Asus smartwatch will feature an AMOLED display and will come out "later this year, with a targeted debut window of September." There's no word yet on what the device will look like, though, or how it might compare with the Samsung, LG, and Motorola offerings unveiled last week.

I definitely don't see a $250 smartwatch in my future, but a $99 device might be close enough to impulse buy territory to tickle my consumeristic itch—especially if it has a pedometer built in. The Fitbit One costs $99.95, and it lacks the Android goodness that Wear smartwatches are supposed to have.

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