Report: Surface Mini never entered production

You might have read recently about how the manual for the Surface Pro 3 manual includes inadvertent references to the oft-rumored Surface Mini. PC World reported on that slip-up last month, as did others. Does this mean the Surface Mini really is coming, after all?

No, according to DigiTimes. The site says that, although Microsoft finished development of the Surface Mini, production of that tablet "did not start as scheduled in May." DigiTimes' supply-chain sources chalk up the cancelation to "fierce compeition [sic] in the small-size tablet segment, as well as negative responses from [Microsoft's] brand vendor client."

The Surface Mini was expected to debut at Microsoft's Surface event in May, but the keynote unfolded with absolutely no mention of the device. Bloomberg later reported that Microsoft's top brass had decided to shelve the Surface Mini at the last minute. By the looks of it, the references in the Surface Pro 3 manual are simply a result of that eleventh-hour change. Whoever edited the manual must have skipped a search-and-replace or two.

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