Newegg now accepts Bitcoin payments

Been putting off your next Newegg order because you only have BTC on hand? Worry no longer. Newegg is now accepting Bitcoin as a method of payment. 


The process seems to be simple. Bitcoin appears as a payment option when customers check out. Several ways of sending BTC to Newegg are available, with web, mobile, and application-based wallets all supported. Once the Bitcoin transaction is verified by the Bitcoin network, the company will mark your invoice as paid and send you a confirmation email, just as with other payment methods.

Just for fun, I calculated that my most recent PC build would have cost me around 2 BTC based on present exchange rates, but I'm happy with my decision to pay via credit card. Should our shaky system of fiat currencies and central banks collapse, though, it's nice to know that Newegg will still be here for us. 

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