Windows Threshold may disable desktop on small tablets

Earlier this week, word got around that "Windows Threshold," the next major Windows release, would disable Modern UI by default on desktop systems. There seems to be another side to this story, however. According to Neowin, the desktop won't be accessible at all on smaller slates that run Windows Threshold.

Here's the skinny from the site:

First of all, on smaller Windows devices - the ones where Microsoft gives away the license for free - the classic desktop will be going away. These devices will live in the Modern environment and this change is one of the reasons why the Surface mini did not ship. . . . Snapped apps will continue to work in the Modern environment on these devices, and we understand that there will be new options for organizing apps on screen in the Modern UI as well.

Neowin says the change will coincide will the release of Office and a file manager for the tiled interface. By then, the site posits, folks should have few incentives to put up with the desktop UI on a tiny 8" screen.

I can see the rationale here, at least in theory, but the geeky part of me likes the idea of having a full Windows desktop on a small tablet. I mean, hook up a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and you end up with something not unlike an old-school netbook—probably not the best productivity machine available, but useful in a pinch. The limited selection of quality Modern UI apps could make a desktop-less version of Windows less appealing, too.

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