Certification site mentions Shield Tablet, calls it ''notebook/tablet''

Rumors have been swirling around about an Nvidia Shield tablet for some time. We're still awaiting an official announcement, but this recent tweet from the Global Certification Forum pretty much confirms the device's existence:

(The Global Certification Forum describes itself as a "global independent certification scheme for 3GPP & 3GPP2 mobile phones & wireless devices," for what it's worth.)

The t.co link in the tweet above points to a certification page for the Shield Tablet. The page doesn't reveal much beyond the fact that the device supports a number of wireless bands and, you know, exists to begin with. An earlier GCF tweet describes the Shield Tablet as a "Notebook/Tablet," which tells me the device might take some cues from recent Windows and Android convertibles. The link in that tweet doesn't go anywhere, though:

These aren't the first slip-ups of this kind. A blank Shield Tablet listing briefly appeared on the TegraZone website earlier this month, although it was quickly pulled. Too bad we still don't know when the device is coming out.

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