Oculus VR about to ship first DK2 dev kits

In March, Oculus started taking pre-orders for its new Rift development kit, the DK2. Today, the company announced that the first DK2 units are just about to ship. Here's part of the announcement from the official Oculus Developer Forums:

The first batch of official DK2s have left the manufacturing facility and are making their way to our distribution centers now. We expect to ship roughly 10,000 DK2s from the factory in July, with just over half of the units through distribution centers and on their way to doorsteps before the end of the month. The very first units are expected to reach developers the week of July 14th. Tracking numbers for all DK2s will be generated as soon as the shipment has been processed by a distribution center.

Some folks won't be getting their kits right away. Oculus says it has received more than 45,000 pre-orders in all, and it's "slightly behind in manufacturing." As a result, "some developers with estimated shipping in July may not have their DK2s shipped until August." In any event, Oculus will send out tracking numbers once kits ship out.

The DK2 improves upon the original dev kit in a number of ways. It features low-persistance AMOLED panels with a higher 960x1080 resolution (up from 640x800), not to mention greatly improved tracking and lower latency. The DK2 is based on the Crystal Cove prototype we tried out at CES.

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