Samsung's 845 DC Pro SSD targets small business servers

Samsung's SSD Global Summit in Seoul, South Korea was mostly about the 850 Pro. However, the firm also introduced a new server SSD that's due to hit the channel this month. Dubbed the 845 DC Pro, the drive combines 3D V-NAND with a 6Gbps Serial ATA interface. Unlike the 850 Pro, which uses second-gen V-NAND with 32 layers, the 845 DC Pro is based on the first, 24-layer incarnation. Here are the essential details:

Capacity Sequential (MB/s) 4KB random (IOps) Endurance (TBW)
Read Write Read Write
400GB 530 460 92,000 50,000 7,300
800GB 530 460 92,000 51,000 14,600

The 845 DC Pro is aimed at small- and medium-sized business. It's meant to complement the 845 DC EVO, which is based on planar TLC NAND and designed for read-intensive server applications. V-NAND's higher endurance makes the Pro suitable for both mixed and write-heavy workloads, Samsung says.

According to the official specs, the 800GB model can survive more than 14 petabytes of writes. That variant and the 400GB version are both rated for 10 drive writes per day for the length of the five-year warranty. The 845 DC EVO, on the other hand, is only good for 0.35 drive writes per day.

We don't have final pricing yet, but Samsung tells us the the 845 DC Pro will sell for $1.50-2.00 per gig. That's pretty reasonable for a server-oriented drive, especially since the Pro is said to offer the highest sustained random write performance in its class. The performance numbers in the table above represent sustained rather than peak rates.

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