Kinect for Windows v2 now up for pre-order at $199

The second-generation Kinect sensor is coming to Windows next week. As TechCrunch reports, a listing for the Windows version of the v2 sensor has popped up on the Microsoft Store, which is taking pre-orders for $199.

According to Microsoft, the Kinect for Windows v2 sensor will ship on July 15. That'll be more than seven months after the release of the Xbox One, which came with the second-gen Kinect in the box. The sensor saw such, uh, dramatic success that Microsoft introduced a cheaper, Kinect-free version of the console a month ago.

The new Kinect may get a warmer welcome on the PC. There, developers will be able to tinker with the sensor to their hearts' content, hopefully coming up with more exciting implementations. The product page talks about developers whipping up "interactive voice- and gesture-based applications for the Windows desktop and Windows Store." It looks like devs will need the Kinect for Windows SDK 2.0, though, which isn't available just yet.

Compared to the first-gen sensor, the new Kinect features a 60% wider field of view, greater accuracy, night-vision capability, and heart-rate monitoring. The device can track hand joints and and monitor the user's facial expressions, as well.

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