Morning, folks. Hope you had a good holiday weekend. I had a great time blowing stuff up on the Fourth. We put on a pretty good show by interleaving medium-sized cakes with large mortars and finishing up with several large cakes/racks. Or, if you wanna be more technical about it, lots of boom and colors. The next day, my brother and I took our kids canoeing down a long, winding lake under an overcast sky. Was just about ideal.

I then was required by the universe to pay for my good fortune. Driving home, I started to itch behind my legs. I now have something like 30+ chigger bites spanning up to my shoulders. So I guess you win some and lose some.

Anyhow, I owe you all some updates on a few things. Many of you were probably hoping for a podcast this morning. We decided to postpone it by seven days because a couple of us, including Jordan, were traveling this past week. We should record this week and have one out next Monday. Apologies for the delay, but summertime scheduling can be tricky.

Also, we still need to host several of our top-10 subscribers on the show. We've stalled out a bit, I know. Last episode, there simply was too much to discuss and too little time to schedule a guest. I'll try to include one of you guys, at least, in this week's recording session. Thanks for being patient.

Some of you are probably wondering what's up with the Pentium G3258 Anniversary Edition CPU that I bought last week. The answer is: the clock speed, that's what's up. Way up. I'm working on a write-up, but I got bogged down by graph-making and sidetracked by some business concerns. I should have a first look soon.

There may be more testing to follow, too. There's lot of interesting info to mine, via testing, around the question of whether a high-frequency dual-core CPU is still a good option compared to a lower-speed quad. Heck, there's lots of CPU-related insight to be taken from a new round of testing, generally. I haven't focused enough attention there yet in 2014. I'm hoping to rectify that situation in the coming weeks.

One last thing: TR BBQ XI is just two weeks away. Make your preparations and come join us.

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