Report: Via's next-gen quad could challenge Bay Trail, Kabini

Via's last x86 CPU architecture, code-named Isaiah, debuted way back in 2008. The design went on to power multiple generations of low-power chips, and its successor seems to be imminent. This story at German site 3DCenter suggests that a new "Isaiah II" CPU could break cover on September 1.

The chip reportedly popped up in SiSoftware's online rankings, which list a quad-core, 64-bit part with AVX2 support. The clock speed apparently goes up to 2GHz, and there's supposed to be 2MB of L2 cache onboard. A new revision of Via's VX11H chipset is apparently along for the ride, as well.

3DCenter has posted a handful performance figures comparing the mystery processor to a 25W desktop Kabini APU and a 2W mobile Bay Trail chip. Via's latest is fairly competitive, but the results are difficult to handicap without information on the chip's TDP. If the numbers are legit, Isaiah II should at least be comparable to the current generation of low-power x86 contenders.

Although Via hasn't claimed responsibility for the SiSoftware results, its CPU division, Centaur, is teasing a major website update for September 1. We probably won't have to wait too long for confirmation one way or another. Thanks to TR regular SH SOTN for the tip.

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