Fortnite gameplay video shows base building, monster mauling

Remember Fortnite, the co-op sandbox survival game being developed by Epic Games? It looks like a mix of Minecraft, Gears of War, and Sunset Overdrive. Details on the game have been relatively scarce since its introduction two years ago, but a bunch of new information has trickled out, and there's a gameplay trailer to go along with it.

The third-person action game combines resource collection and base building with more conventional monster killing. Rock, Paper, Shotgun's take on a pre-alpha version describes the building as somewhat limited, so don't expect to create complex structures. This is primarily an action game, according to the site; the Minecraft elements are just one part of a larger picture.

In a separate piece, RPS interviews producer Roger Collum about the Fortnite's free-to-play approach. "We're not pay-to-win," Collum told the site, adding that Epic is looking to League of Legends for inspiration on how to monetize the game. The studio apparently isn't concerned with having too many freeloaders:

If we hit millions of users and only a fraction of those people pay, we're still gonna be able to pay our bills. We'll still feel successful. We'll still feel good about it as a business model. What's exciting to me is that Gears and Unreal Tournament are successful games, but nowhere near the numbers that Dota gets. If we could get an audience in the hundreds of millions worldwide playing Fortnite, that would tickle me pink. We don't need them to spend money.

Fortnite is being developed exclusively for the PC. It will be an online-only affair without a traditional single-player component, though folks will apparently be able to play by themselves on invite-only servers. Cooperative and adversarial modes are in the works for multiplayer. Mod support could be added, as well, but it probably won't make the initial release.

If you're interested in Fortnite, you can sign up to take part in the official alpha test right here. The alpha is expected to kick off later this year, with the full game following in 2015.

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