TR BBQ XI prize haul adds a trio of Gigabyte boards

The 11th annual TR BBQ is just over a week away, and our sponsors are outdoing themselves by providing world-class PC hardware for us to give away to the folks who attend. The latest additions come from the good people at Gigabyte, who have ponied up three different Haswell motherboards.

The first one, the G1.Sniper M5, is the mATX, Z97-based successor to the exceptionally well-appointed G1.Sniper 5, which Geoff called "the best-sounding motherboard I've heard" thanks to its rich integrated audio with swappable op-amps.

The second board is the Z97X-SLI, which offers an affordable path into multi-GPU gaming and would look really good in my own case. (Ahem. Not that I'm eligible to win.)

The third board, the H87-HD3, is a straight-laced Haswell mobo that's still loaded with slots and ports. Looks almost ideal for any sort of basic build.

Thanks to Gigabyte for going above and beyond here. We'll have all of these boards set up on the prize table and will be giving them away according to our made-up rules and random chance on July 19 in Holland, Michigan. Check out the BBQ thread in the forums for info on how to come and join us.

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