Haswell-E CPUs already available for pre-order

Intel's next high-end desktop CPUs aren't expected to arrive until later this year, but they'reĀ already available for pre-order from one U.S. vendor. Bottom Line Telecommunications has three Haswell-E variants listed: the Core i7-5960X is selling for $1108, the 5930K for $632, and the 5820K for $426.

Although the pre-order listings are largely devoid of specifications, plenty of unofficial details have leaked out over the past few months. The flagship Core i7-5960X is expected to have eight cores, a 3GHz base clock speed, and 20MB of L3 cache. The other two chips will apparently be six-core offerings with 15MB of cache. The 5930K is rumored to run at 3.5GHz, while the 5820K should be clocked at 3.3GHz.

As CPU World notes, the pre-order prices are higher than the going rate for equivalent Ivy Bridge-E chips. Newegg is selling members of the current lineup for $1050, $580, and $325 right now. The pre-order stickers probably don't reflect Intel's official MSRPs, but it's worth noting that the top and entry-level Haswell-E chips both have more cores than their predecessors. There would seem to be some room to justify higher premiums.

Also, Intel has pretty much no competition at the high end of the CPU market. AMD's fastest desktop processor is the $370 FX-9590, which is a hot-clocked Vishera chip with a face-melting 220W TDP.

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