Cringe with me as you taste Comcast rep's desperation

Ok, I have to post it. When I first listened to this audio yesterday, I was maybe a little too freaked out by it to dwell on the subject. Blogger Ryan Block recorded a portion of a phone call he made to Comcast customer service in which he was attempting to cancel his service.

Simple, right?

Not for the Comcast rep, who proceeded to deploy every slimy verbal technique he could muster in order to keep Block on the line and prevent him from going through with the cancelation. What followed is quickly becoming an Internet classic and a huge headache for Comcast, which is pretty much as it should be. Have a listen, if you dare.

If you've dealt with telco or cable companies, then this sort of insane behavior may seem familiar to you. I'm hoping this one is an extreme example, but who knows? I'm just glad I have Time Warner Cable instead.

Oh, wait.

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