Palit's passive GeForce GTX 750 Ti is silent but deadly

Heads up home-theater PC users—or anyone who wants an affordable, potent gaming card in a silent package. Palit has created what it claims are the first GeForce GTX 750 and 750 Ti cards with passive cooling. The KalmX series has a double-wide radiator with a "vast volume" of nickel-plated fins. Dual plated pipes loop through the cheese grater and into the copper base below.

The cooler extends well beyond the bounds of the stubby circuit board, but Palit doesn't list the dimensions of the card as a whole. Looks like it could be a tight squeeze for some cases, especially those built for smaller form factors.

Apart from their oversized heatsinks, the KalmX cards don't deviate wildly from the norm. They clock the Maxwell-based GM107 GPU at stock speeds, and both come with 2GB of RAM. Video outs include Mini HDMI and dual DVI. Don't forget the usual hype about higher-quality electrical components.

We don't yet know when these intriguing candidates will be available or what their prices will be. Palit touts the affordability of the GTX 750 family, though. I wouldn't expect too much of a premium.

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