Deal of the week: A 4K monitor for $405

I feel a twinge of guilt for the headline. It's total click bait—but also accurate. Dell is selling its 28" Ultra HD monitor for only $404.99 after a $250 discount and coupon code ?WDVNK$9S8XMCX. (Thanks HardForum.) That sounds like an incredible deal, and it kind of is. However, there are a couple of crucial caveats. The panel is based on TN technology, and 4K output is limited to a 30Hz refresh rate. Eww. The custom reviews posted on Dell's site aren't terribly encouraging, either.

So, yeah, maybe consider one of the other deals we've gathered this week.

  • Newegg is offering 15% off a bunch of SSDs right now. Among them, Samsung's 840 EVO 1TB is easily the most appealing. Coupon code EMCPCWB22 knocks the drive down to just $407.99, which works out to about $0.40 per gig. The other SSDs eligible for the discount are listed here.
  • Speaking of storage, here's a little something for the mechanical crowd. TigerDirect has Toshiba's 3TB 7,200-RPM hard drive on sale for $89.99 after coupon code LQR134809. We've heard good things about recent Toshiba drives, and the user reviews for this one are overwhelmingly positive.
  • TigerDirect also provides our first graphics card deal. XFX's Radeon R9 280X Double Dissipation is available for $229.99 after promo code GJJ134710 and a $20 mail-in rebate. The card appears to be clocked at stock speeds, but you still get a custom cooler and three free games from AMD's Radeon Gold bundle.
  • Around the same price, Newegg is hawking EVGA's hot-clocked GeForce GTX 760 for $218.99 after promo code EMCPCWB46 and a $15 rebate. This beast comes with a reference-style blower and a free copy of Watch Dogs. It's equipped with 2GB of RAM, but if you want more, Zotac has a 4GB version that's also on sale. That card has slightly slower clocks and is available for $233.99 using the same coupon code.
  • Gamers with deeper pockets should consider Gigabyte's Radeon R9 290, which Newegg is selling for $339.99 after an instant discount and a $20 rebate. The stock-clocked card has a triple-fan cooler and the same three-game bundle as the 280X. This one's a pretty good deal even without the rebate attached.

That's all for this week. As always, feel free to add other deals in the comments below. Or yell at me for luring you in with that 4K monitor.

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