TR BBQ XI: We're getting the hang of this

After 11 years of TR BBQs, DrFish and the rest of us have refined most of the key elements of the event beyond any reasonable expectation. TR head forum admin Just Brew It explained, "We're nerds; we take things to the extreme logical conclusion." At the time, he was—ahem—sterilizing hoses for connection to a couple of kegs of his own home-brewed beer. I knew his statement was truer than ever at about 10AM on the day of the BBQ, when a truck pulled up to unload an entire friggin' bouncy house for the kids:

This new addition was a surprise courtesy of DrFish and his lovely wife, and it was a huge hit with its target audience (also with some of the adults, but the less said about that the better.) zgirl's BBQ ribs were at least as outstanding as ever, and the fireworks show in the evening was outlandishly good.

As always, the top-notch food and entertainment were made possible and enjoyed by a fantastic group of people, and the true highlight of the day was just getting to hang out and talk with one another. We had more kids and families than ever before, I think. The addition of some new blood helped make up for the fact that some regulars like Dposcorp and eitje couldn't make it this year.

Here are a few images from the day's events:

Shoes and JSmits size up the prizes. Thanks to Gigabyte and MSI for the video card, mobos, mouse pads, and shirts!

Spectators watch the cornhole tournament. Note that idchafee is a spectator at this point.

Jr. Damage, Ned, LoneWolf, Gleek, Mrs_Frobozz, Justin, and his girlfriend hang out as the sun sets

The obligatory group photo

Shoes shows off his prize haul, including a Gigabyte motherboard, MSI shirt,
ancient BFG Tech backpack, and a Radeon briefcase

Tasty, tasty riiiiiiibs

Sheldon sports his self-fashioned glow goggles as Sis of Fish contemplates the franchise potential

Pictures of fireworks are rarely worthwhile, but no one can resist trying

I drove for about 11 hours yesterday in order to get home and am not entirely coherent, but I want to say thanks to everybody who came out and helped make the latest TR BBQ one of the best yet. Thanks again to MSI and Gigabyte for providing the prizes. Most of all, I can't say enough about DrFish's graciousness as a host, especially given some of the things he's been dealing with in the background.

DrFish made sure we had lots of bandwidth available on site, along with a couple of live-stream cameras capable of taking still shots via remote control, so there are tons more pictures in the BBQ thread starting on this page. The TR BBQ has become one of the highlights of the year for many of us, and if you browse through that thread, I think it will be easy to see why.

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