Kingston's V310 value SSD rated for 2.7PB of writes

Kingston's latest SSD is a little unusual. The SSDNow V310 is based on Phison's 3108 controller, which is fairly uncommon. And, instead of being available in a range of capacities, it's limited to 960GB. Then there's the kicker: despite being billed as a value-oriented consumer drive, the V310 is rated to withstand 2.7 petabytes of total writes. That's the sort of endurance we'd expect from an enterprise-grade SSD.

The spec isn't a typo, either. Kingston claims the V310 is good for 2.65 full drive writes per day, which works out to 2.7PB over the length of the three-year warranty. Also, it recently introduced a HyperX Fury SSD with a similarly impressive rating. That drive maxes out with a 240GB model supposedly good for 641TB of writes. Four times the endurance doesn't seem unreasonable for an SSD with four times the flash.

Our ongoing SSD Endurance Experiment leaves plenty of room for optimism, too. We successfully wrote more than 700TB to six 240-256GB SSDs before our subjects started burning out.

Unfortunately, the V310's performance specifications aren't nearly as compelling. This thing is supposed to hit 500/440MB/s with sequential reads/writes and 40k/20k IOps with random I/O, which is a little sluggish compared to other terabyte-class contenders.

Expect the V310 to be available soon as a bare drive and in retail kits targeting desktop and notebook upgrades. There's no word on pricing, but we've asked Kingston for details. We'll update this post when we hear back.

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