Delays strike Battlefield: Hardline, Dragon Age: Inquisition

Battlefield fans will have to make do without a new chapter this year. Hardline, the cops 'n criminals take on the franchise, has been delayed until "early 2015."

According to DICE VP Karl Magnus Troedsson, the delay was in part inspired by feedback from the recent Hardline multiplayer beta. Some of the features suggested by the community will be incorporated into the game. There are also plans to add depth to the single-player campaign and to improve overall stability. Sounds like the initial beta might not have been the smoothest experience for players. A second one is planned before the final release.

Battlefield: Hardline isn't the only Frostbite-powered title that will arrive later than expected. Dragon Age: Inquisition was supposed to be available in early October, but it's been pushed to November 18. Executive Producer Mark Darrah says the additional time will be used to polish the game and strengthen "the emotional impact of the Hero's choices," whatever that means.

The delays were announced before publisher Electronic Arts posted its quarterly financial results. EA raked in $1.2 billion over the past three months and turned a $335 million profit. PC gaming revenue fell 1% compared to the same quarter last year, but revenue from console games increased 67%, and mobile revenue rose 18%.

The outlook isn't as bright for the coming quarter, during which EA expects to lose $37 million on revenue of $965 million. However, the publisher still expects to turn a $581 million profit for its full fiscal year, which runs from April 1 to March 31. Revenues are expected to total $4.3 billion for that period.

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