Report: Intel targeting larger, pricier Android tablets

Android tablets are dominated by ARM-based hardware, but Intel is slowly making inroads. Its Atom CPUs have already infiltrated smaller, budget slates. Now, Fudzilla is reporting that reference designs for larger Android tablets are making the rounds. The systems are targeted at the $299-499 price range, the site says, and they include screen sizes from 9.6-12.5". A detachable keyboard seems to be a part of the package, as well.

Intel appears to have established some baseline specifications for pricier tablets based on its chips. Fudzilla claims those requirements include a minimum of eight hours of battery life and a display resolution of at least 1920x1080. Designs must be thinner than 10 mm, according to the site, but there's no mention of a maximum weight or whether the detachable keyboard is a must-have accessory.

These more upscale Android tablets are reportedly based on Atom hardware, and they might have company. In a separate article, Fudzilla suggests Intel is prepping an even more upscale design based on its next-gen Broadwell CPU. That machine is supposed to have a 2560x1440 display, a 10.6-13.3" screen, and pricing in the $499-799 range.

The reports are unconfirmed, of course, so add your own salt. Also, remember that reference designs don't always translate into actual products.

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