New Asus 802.11ac router can top 1.7Gbps

Asus dabbles in a surprising number of product categories nowadays—including routers. This week, the company has expanded its router lineup with the RT-AC87, a new 802.11ac specimen that's supposed to hit speeds of up to 1.73Gps—or just over 216MB/s.

According to Asus, the RT-AC87 is the "world's first" wave-two 802.11ac router and the "fastest" 5GHz offering. I'm not sure about that, but at $269.99, the RT-AC87 is definitely priced like a premium product. It features a Quantenna QSR1000 chipset, four antennas with universal beamforming, and multi-user MIMO, which prevents bottlenecks from cropping up on multi-device networks:

With MU-MIMO1, the RT-AC87 can form groups of multiple devices that can be served at the same time, simultaneously. Previous 802.11n and 802.11ac routers can stream to only one device at a time. MU-MIMO greatly increases the efficiency of the Wi-Fi network, mitigating potential bottlenecks as more devices are connected to the access point. Furthermore, the RT-AC87’s multiple antennas, coupled with its advanced beamforming, reduce the transmission’s signal-to-noise ratio and improve the reliability of the Wi-Fi signal, providing a better overall wireless experience.

Along with the impressive specs, the RT-AC87 ships with AiCloud 2.0 software, which transforms the router into a "powerful personal cloud server." Network and USB storage hooked up to the router can be accessed remotely using the AiCloud web interface and the dedicated AiCloud apps for iOS and Android. Pretty nifty.

Asus says the RT-AC87 will be available in North America "shortly."

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