Triple-wide radiator defines Thermaltake's new water cooler

Have you ever looked at a double-wide liquid cooling radiator and thought: "that's just not big enough." If so, Thermaltake might have just the thing. The company has introduced a super-sized Water 3.0 Ultimate cooler with a 360-mm radiator.

The triple-wide unit is strapped to three 120-mm fans that can ramp up to 2000 RPM. Fan speeds are controlled via PWM circuitry, and the individual spinners are rated for 20 dBA. If three isn't enough, another trio can be added to the back of the unit to make a radiator sandwich.

Rubber tubing connects the aluminum radiator to the copper-backed CPU block. There's a low-profile pump in there somewhere, and Thermaltake claims the plumbing is sealed tightly enough to avoid coolant evaporation over time. The cooler ships with mounting hardware for the full range of modern sockets, including LGA2011. The only compatibility challenge will be finding a case that fits the thing.

The press release doesn't detail pricing or availability, but I'd expect the Water 3.0 Ultimate to debut north of $100. Thermaltake's double-wide Water 3.0 Extreme is selling for $99.99 right now (before a $25 mail-in rebate).

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