Latest Raptr client expands game recording for AMD and Nvidia GPUs

Remember Dennis "Thresh" Fong? The former competitive gamer once ruled the Quake scene and famously won John Carmack's Ferrari in a tournament. These days, he's the brains behind Raptr, a game optimization and recording application similar to Nvidia's GeForce Experience. Raptr works with both AMD and Nvidia GPUs, and the latest version includes expanded video functionality.

Released today, the update adds real-time recording support for "all late-model AMD and Nvidia graphics cards." This so-called game video recorder, or GVR, uses the hardware encoding blocks of modern GPUs to capture in-game footage with "virtually no degradation of system performance." Gamers can capture videos of any length, and there's an "instant replay" function that automatically saves the last 20 minutes of gameplay. Webcam and microphone input can also be added to the mix with a picture-in-picture feed, and recordings can be shared via Raptr's website and social media.

If all this sounds familiar, that's because the ShadowPlay component of GeForce Experience offers pretty much the same thing for recent Nvidia GPUs. Raptr's vendor-agnostic approach is more appealing, as is the fact that it has settings optimization profiles for more games—over 5,000 versus about 170 for GeForce Experience. That said, ShadowPlay can still record any full-screen DirectX game and even entire desktop sessions.

Anyone can grab the latest version of the Raptr software right here. Radeon owners should download the AMD-specific Gaming Evolved variant, which introduced more limited recording functionality last month.

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