Could the next Nexus phone be from Motorola?

In the years following its acquisition of Motorola Mobility, Google sourced its Nexus phones from everybody but its own handset business. Now that Motorola Mobility is Google's no more, the rumor mill suggests a Motorola Nexus phone may, at long last, be on the way.

Yep, it's official. We're now living in bizarro world.

The news comes from Android Police, which says the phone, code-named Shamu, is "supposed" to have a 5.9" display and a fingerprint sensor. No other specs seem to have leaked out yet, but word is that the device could be out in November.

Android Police's story includes some fairly convincing evidence, but the site itself rates the rumor with a confidence level of only 6.5/10. "We are confident that Shamu is a real device under active development, and fairly confident that it is a contender for the Nexus program," the site explains, "but are just slightly less confident about its specs, simply due to the information at our disposal."

Still, there's a good chance we'll finally see a Motorola Nexus phone after all these years. The circumstances, though, may be slightly different from what we expected.

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