Nvidia's cascaded display tech looks awesome

Two of the biggest challenges facing VR systems like the Oculus Rift are the dreaded screen-door effect (an artifact of low screen resolutions) and frame rate smoothness (which, if not sustained, can induce motion sickness). One obvious solution to these problems is to boost screen resolutions and frame rates. Doing so requires more graphics horsepower, but as ExtremeTech reports, Nvidia has developed an alternative method that doesn't.

The approach, called cascaded display technology, essentially works by superimposing two low-resolution panels and doing some crazy voodoo to fill in the missing detail. The video below outlines the technology:

This is so cool that I sat through the whole video despite the mind-numbing narration.

No, really. If cascaded display tech works as well as advertised—and makes it into the next Oculus Rift (or some other VR headset)—then it could lead to a palpably better VR experience for folks with less powerful gaming PCs. Technology like this could speed up the democratization and popularization of virtual reality by a longshot.

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