Orange you glad Asus made a mechanical gaming keyboard

The latest mechanical keyboard comes from a somewhat unexpected source. Asus has added a gaming-oriented design called the Strix Tactic Pro. Like a lot of mechanicals, the Strix comes with a choice of Cherry MX red, black, brown, or blue switches. But unlike typical gaming gear, this product isn't dressed in black and red.

One outta two ain't bad, I guess.

The Strix is loaded with 21 programmable macro keys, eight of which are shared with the F1-F8 keys. Macros can be programmed on the fly with just the keyboard, or you can make adjustments using the bundled Windows utility.

Interestingly, users can change the rollover config with the flip of a switch. The keyboard has a six-key mode that makes it behave like a traditional keyboard. It also supports n-key rollover, likely via some form of emulation.

Otherwise, the Strix Tactic Pro appears to be fairly conventional. The keys have the telltale glow one would expect from backlit caps, complete with four different brightness settings. I also spot a small cluster of media controls just above the numpad. There's no word on pricing or availability, though.

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