Core i5 powers bizarro Android convertible

Intel's Core i5-4200U is a potent CPU. The Haswell dually crunches four threads via Hyper-Threading, scales up to 2.6Hz with Turbo, and has an ultrabook-friendly 15W thermal envelope. You'd expect to find the thing exclusively Windows devices, but LG decided to put one in an Android convertible. Seriously.

The 11.6-incher is a little chubby, at 0.66" (16.7 mm) thick and 2.3 lbs (1.05 kg), but it has a physical keyboard hiding under the screen. The display seems decent, too; it's a 1080p IPS unit. You also get 4GB of memory and 128GB of solid-state storage. External connectivity comprises a Micro SD slot, dual USB 3.0 ports, and an HDMI output.

As if it weren't unusual enough to combine all that with Android, the hybrid runs a relatively old version of the OS. The press release lists Android 4.2.2, otherwise known as Jelly Bean, which dates back to February 2013.

The announcement is short on details about pricing and availability, but I wouldn't be surprised if the machine never makes it stateside. And I'm OK with that. There are much more sensible options for folks who want to experiment with Android on x86 hardware.

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