Toxikk will let you 'frag like it's 1999'

I think we're all a little sick of realistic, war-themed multiplayer shooters. Happily, old-school game design seems to be making a comeback. Epic Games is hard at work on a new Unreal Tournament game true to the series' roots, and over in Germany, Reakktor Studios is developing a new multiplayer FPS that supposedly "plays as if today's military shooters never existed."

That FPS is called Toxikk, and the debut trailer for it came out today:

So, yeah, it's basically UT 2004 with a new coat of paint. That's probably not a bad thing, though. This game is being built "exclusively for the PC," and user-generated content will be in the mix.

According to Reakktor, development on Toxikk is already "pretty much finished," and the team is now "working on adding more maps, fine-tuning the movement, adding some more features and finalizing the weapons." People are encouraged to provide feedback on the official forums. The studio vows to "respond to every reasonable suggestion or question you might have."

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