No Man's Sky to hit PS4 first, PC later

Well, here's another game we'll have to wait for. Quoting the next issue of Edge Magazine, IGN reports that No Man's Sky will see a PC release—but only after a stint as a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

It's not clear how long the PS4 exclusivity will last; IGN simply calls the game a "timed exclusive on Sony's latest console." Sean Murray, the game's Managing Director, also told IGN, "We've always had PC in mind." That means the game may not have too bad a case of consolitis, but it doesn't tell us much about release timing.

As we learned last year, No Man's Sky will allow players to explore a galaxy full of procedurally generated planets. The game looks like it has some serious potential, and I really dig the visual style. I just hope it won't be another one of those games that hits the PC a year late.

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