Hey, guys. Last week was a pretty good one around here. We had a new podcast from Jordan, Geoff's first impressions of the Shield Tablet, Mr. Kampman's Brix Gaming review, Cyril's PSU deathmatch, and an AMD APU review from yours truly—followed by an engaging Friday night topic.

Personally, I'd like for every week around here to look something like that. It's a goal we're pursuing.

In fact, I spent the weekend working on testing and pictures for an upcoming review, and this week, I'm off to the west coast for some briefings. I'll be back to work on that review next weekend. The other guys are working hard, too, on their next assignments.

Trouble is, we need your help to make it happen. Producing quality content isn't cheap. Doing what we do requires many hours spent testing and writing, along with an awful lot of crisp, meticulous photography. Frankly, the PC market is down right now, and the web adverstising market overall has gone to kind of a weird place, too. As a result, supporting our work with ad sales alone just won't cut it.

That's why we created a pay-what-you-want user subscription system, so those of you who appreciate what we do can support us directly. In return, we'll give you some bonus features for the website—and a discount on some essential software.

If you pay any amount to subscribe, you'll get full year of extras: access to a single-page view of our big articles, a nice template for printing those articles, a membership tag next to your name in the forums and comments, e-mail notifications when someone replies to one of your comments, access to the Smoky Back Room subscriber-only forum, and 20% off of purchases at—including the excellent Macrium Reflect backup and imaging software.

If you pay more than the average subscriber, you'll get a gold tag in the forums, the power to upvote or downvote comments up to three times, access to our four-megapixel image galleries, and a code good for 40% off of those Macrium purchases.

Most importantly, of course, the money you pay goes to fund TR's day-to-day activities, which can't continue at our current pace without your financial support.

Some of you have already signed up, and your support has been invaluable. Thanks again to each of you.

A great many more of our readers, however, have so far chosen not to subscribe. Others have only paid a token amount. If you're able, please consider supporting us by subscribing and, if you can, trying to beat the average. It stands right now at $45.60, which isn't a lot to pay for a full year of TR—just $3.80 a month.

Right now, for us, every dollar of support counts. Please consider what you can do to help.

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