Gigabyte Essence gives ultra-compact Mini-ITX some flair

Generally, ultra-compact Mini-ITX enclosures are designed to be neither seen nor heard. Not so with Gigabyte's Essence. Links International has the scoop on this diminutive case, which spices up the ultra-compact Mini-ITX look with some much-needed visual flair.

Source: Links International.

The case apparently has a removable frame, to which one can fasten a Mini-ITX mobo as well as a 2.5" mechanical or solid-state drive. The chassis provides plenty of ventilation on the side, and if Google's translation of the source writeup is accurate, there's a trio of 40-mm fans up top, as well.

What else? The Essence has dual front-panel USB and audio ports, and it ships with a 120W power brick, whose capacity should be plenty for most builds that size. The 2.9" x 11.8" x 9.2" dimensions (74 mm x 300 mm x 234 mm) don't leave room for much on the CPU cooling front. Only low-power processors need apply.

Links International says the Essence will come out on August 9 with a price tag of ¥13,800 in Japan. That works out to $134, but the guys at FanlessTech suspect the enclosure won't retail for more than $100 on this side of the Pacific. That's a little pricey, I suppose, but flashy design rarely comes cheap.

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