Rumor: Windows Threshold to kill charms bar; public beta due this fall

I gotta tell you, Windows Threshold is sounding better and better. The latest report from WinBeta suggests the upcoming Windows release will do away with the charms bar on desktop systems.

"No longer will Charms be accessible by navigating to either the top or bottom right of your screen," WinBeta explains. Charms functionality will remain for Metro Modern UI apps, which will run in windowed mode on Windows Threshold, but in a much less obnoxious form. According to WinBeta, Microsoft may simply add a charms menu in the title bar for those apps. (See the site's story for a mockup of what that might look like.)

As someone who routinely brings up the charms bar by accident when switching screens, I hope that rumor is true.

And it very well might be: over at ZDNet, Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley says her sources corroborate both this report and the one about Windows Threshold adopting virtual desktops, which we discussed earlier this week.

Foley adds that Windows Threshold is expected to come out next spring, but Microsoft is "hoping" to release a public preview of the operating system this fall. We may get a first-hand look at Threshold's desktop-y goodness—including the revived Start menu and the lack of full-screen Modern UI on desktop systems—pretty soon, if that's the case.

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