Battlefield 4 is free for a week on Origin

EA wants you to play Battlefield games. It really wants you to play Battlefield games. After this spring's BF3 promotion, the company is now offering free access to BF4 to Origin users:

Origin Game Time for Battlefield 4 is currently rolling out across the world over the next few hours. If you don’t see it available in your area yet, you will soon. You’ll be able to grab Battlefield 4 on Origin Game Time until August 14 at 10:00 AM PT, but once you’ve snagged it, you can download the game and start your 168 hour Game Time clock whenever you want.

Game Time for Battlefield 4 is the entire experience, available to play for one entire week. Go ahead, use your 168 hours of Game Time to complete the single-player campaign. Then jump into multiplayer and join your friends in 64-player warfare until the sun comes up… again and again and again. Your Game Time clock runs in real-time, whether you're in the fight or taking a break. but your progress and Origin Achievements will be saved if you want to keep your career going after your Game Time ends – buy the game and you’ll pick up right where you left off.

A whole week of free play time seems pretty generous—similar promotions on Steam usually only run for a weekend. I'm sure most gamers have BF4 already, but those who don't will probably enjoy the opportunity.

If you're about to take advantage of this, I'd recommend skipping the single-player and jumping straight into multiplayer. Overly scripted action sequences, cheesy dialogue, and predictable plot twists can be fun, but they pale in comparison to a good multiplayer match with friends.

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