Tegra K1-powered Nexus 9 might be for real

The next Nexus tablet really could be Nvidia-powered. Today, both SlashGear and ExtremeTech are reporting on fresh rumors about the Nexus 9, which they say will be made by HTC with a 64-bit Tegra K1 chip inside.

We first heard about the device under its code name, Volantis, back in June. At the time, word was that the tablet would feature an 8.9" screen, a 2048x1600 resolution, 2GB of RAM, and an aluminum chassis.

The latest from SlashGear and ExtremeTech suggests the device may in fact have a 1920x1200 or 2560x1440 resolution, and that it may pack up to 4GB of RAM. That memory capacity would be twice that of the Nexus 7 and four times that of the iPad Air.

And yes, then as now, the Tegra K1 is said to be part of the picture. In fact, SlashGear reckons the Nexus 9 may wind up looking a lot like Nvidia's own Shield Tablet, which debuted last month. (See Geoff's first impressions here.) Aside from its own Shield devices, Nvidia has found few adopters for the Tegra K1. A design win for something as high-profile as the next Nexus tablet could be big for the company.

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