Morning, all.

Just FYI, we're facing what may be the busiest week of the year, and today will probably be the busiest day of that week. It's a perfect storm of new tech news as the Hot Chips and Siggraph conferences are happening at the same time. That means new developments in graphics and CPUs will be announced, among other things. We'll be covering as much of it as we can for you. Should be an interesting day.

Some housekeeping items:

First, thanks to those of you who subscribed or added to your subscriptions last week. Your support is very much appreciated, and we'll keep working to be worthy of it!

Next, as you may have noticed, we did make a web server transition over the weekend. Massive, massive kudos to Bruno and Cyril for making it unnaturally smooth so far. If you see strangeness or problems around the site, do let us know so we can investigate. We haven't gotten many reports yet of problems, and the site seems as least as snappy as ever. Maybe more so?

I'll write a little more about our new hosting setup once I'm confident that we have it tuned up and working properly. This transition is an interesting one, and I'm excited about it on multiple levels.

And... I'll have an article going up soon that you won't want to miss. This is not the review that I said I was working on last week. Plans changed, and I had to put this other thing on the front burner. You'll understand why when you see it. That review is still coming soon!

Finally, on a completely unrelated note, looks like it's possible that uric acid leads to metabolic syndrome, rather than being just a byproduct. If true, consuming foods high in fructose could lead to obesity and diabetes. I know folks have suspected fructose to be a culprit, but I don't think the mechanism was understood. Until now?

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