Processor wars about to heat up

— 12:24 PM on August 9, 2001

Just in time for back to school, Intel is prepping some special offers for P4 buyers. This is just the beginning of what is likely to be a binge of price cuts, rebates, and specials to come in the next months as the chip giant launches not only its 2GHz processor, but also its i845 SDRAM platform for the P4.

Even with the SDRAM i845 on the verge of release, there's talk of the Brookdale DDR platform making an early appearance this year rather than next. This would make a certain amount of sense given Via's aggressive plans for its P4 chipsets, and the danger that they might outperform Intel's SDRAM offering.

Through all this, AMD is quietly plugging away on its 1.5GHz Palomino and 1GHz Duron, both of which should see release next month. AMD is going to have a hard time convincing Joe Sixpack that 1.5 is better than 2, though. I certainly don't envy the marketing manager on that one.

Don't think there'll be any reprieve from the summer heat, the processor biz is about to get sweltering. Thanks to The Inquirer for all the good stuff.

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