Zotac's new GeForce GTX 750 is passively cooled

The GeForce GTX 750 is scarily power-efficient. In our testing, it drew the least power out of all the solutions in its price range, and it was a step ahead of the competition in our average power consumption vs. average FPS metric.

Nvidia's reference GeForce GTX 750 has a small heatsink and fan, but Zotac has managed to replace that cooler with a completely passive heatsink in its new GeForce GTX 750 Zone Edition. The Zone Edition's cooling contraption takes up two slots and combines copper heat pipes with a meaty array of aluminum fins. Take a look:

Despite the passive cooler, Zotac has clocked this card a little faster than the reference design. The Zone Edition runs at 1033MHz with a 1111MHz Boost speed, up from 1020/1085MHz. The Zone Edition's 1GB of GDDR5 memory and 5 GT/s memory transfer rate are right in line with the stock config, though, as are its other key specs. The only other notable difference is in the display outputs, which comprise DVI, HDMI, and DisplayPort (instead of dual DVI and HDMI).

Because of its large fin array, the GTX 750 Zone Edition looks to be about an inch longer than the reference card. The dual-slot cooler may also restrict its use in smaller systems, but you probably wouldn't want to be using a passively cooled card of this caliber in a really cramped chassis, anyway. Those aluminum fins need some ambient airflow to do their job, after all.

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