Quantum Break gameplay footage makes me want an Xbox One

Thanks to my recently upgraded home-theater PC, my Xbox 360 hasn't been turned on in months. It's not even plugged in anymore. I haven't been the slightest bit tempted to pick up an Xbox One, either, but the Quantum Break gameplay premiere has me thinking about it. The game is an Xbone exclusive, and I really dig its time-bending mechanic.

Remedy Entertainment is handling development, so it's no wonder Quantum Break has shades of Max Payne and Alan Wake. The cinematic and action sequences are integrated nicely, and some of the visual effects look pretty awesome.

I can only imagine what this game would look like with the graphics optimized to exploit high-end PC hardware. If Quantum Break ever migrates to the best gaming platform around, it will probably be well after the expected Q2 2015 release timeframe. And that's a shame.

Maybe Intel should pony up for some PC exclusives. It certainly has the money.

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