Here's 12 minutes of Battlefield: Hardline's single-player campaign

Although the Battlefield series has multiplayer down pat, the franchise's single-player experiences haven't been as satisfying. The last couple of chapters have felt a little too much like Call of Duty for my tastes. Battlefield: Hardline promises to shake up the formula, though, and the latest gameplay footage looks promising. Here's 12 minutes of the single-player campaign:

Well, that's different. The increased emphasis on stealth is interesting, and there seems to be more freedom to approach situations from different angles. Indeed, the game appears to go out of its way to inform players that they can take different paths.

There's plenty of conventional shoot-em-up action to go along with all the sneaking around. Players will get their hands on some new gadgets, too—don't tase me, bro! And the graphics look excellent, as one might expect from a new title based on the Frostbite 3 engine.

Battlefield: Hardline was recently delayed to "early 2015," in part to add depth to the single-player experienced. The gameplay trailer suggests the developers are on the right track, and I'm actually excited to try the campaign.

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