Flag stolen from Dynamix base

An anonymous Dynamix employee has informed TribalWar.com that Sierra has pulled the plug on game development house Dynamix, makers of Tribes 2. From the employee's note:
1) At noon today (Thursday) everyone at Dynamix was asked to leave the building. (98 employees) The doors are locked and no one is allowed entrance again to gather belongings until Wednesday of next week while they catalog equipment.

2) On Monday, there's an off-site meeting with Sierra upper management to determine whether any of us have any employment opportunities with Sierra in the near future. Most of us will be out of work at that time.

A rumor posted at F#$%edCompany.com says Sierra is out to axe 300 jobs in total. Though Dynamix isn't specifically mentioned, their ninety-eight employees would make up a third of the suspected total.

Tribes 2 was still very much a work in progress. The sudden loss of Dynamix and thus support is not going to be well received. Thanks for the heads up, Forge.

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