New Star Citizen trailers show beautiful racing, FPS footage

Crowd-funded space sim Star Citizen has raised over $51 million from 525,000 backers, and the latest footage suggests that money is being put to good use. Check out the "Murray Cup" trailer, which highlights the game's racing component:

The video can be streamed at 4K resolution, but it looks fantastic even at 1080p. The concept is pretty neat—sort of like the Red Bull Air Race, but with space ships circling around a city in the clouds. This component is due to be added in version 0.9 of the game.

Star Citizen will also have a first-person shooter component, which is teased in another video released alongside the racing trailer.

Ok, so none of that action is actually from a first-person perspective. The scene fades out before we get a sense of the gameplay, but the visuals are so beautiful that I don't even care. Just look at how the water splashes around the character's feet as he charges across the wet floor.

More details about the FPS module will be released at PAX Australia, which runs from October 31 to November 2. Backers could get their hands on that component this year, according to the anticipated release schedule, but that timeframe isn't set in stone. Players already have access to early versions of the hangar and dogfighting modules. The full game isn't expected to be finished until 2016, though

Thanks to Kotaku for the tip.

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