Rumor: AMD to shake up FX series on Labor Day

After fleshing out its desktop Kaveri lineup last month, AMD may soon turn its attention to the FX series. On September 1, Hexus reports, AMD will expand the FX lineup and cut prices on existing models. Word comes from the same sources who spilled the beans about the FX-9590 last year, so there's an air of plausibility to it all.

The scuttlebutt is that there will be three new FX-8000 processors, including two with 95W thermal envelopes. AMD is also expected to reduce the price of its flagship, the FX-9590, to match that of Intel's Core i5-4690K. The FX-9590 sells for $299.99 today (or $369.99 with a closed-loop liquid cooler in the box), while the i5-4690K, which is the cheapest Intel quad-core with a fully unlocked upper multiplier, costs $224.99.

Considering the FX-9590's humongous 220W power envelope and somewhat lackluster performance, a price cut seems overdue. Even if priced more competitively, though, I expect the chip will remain unappealing to all but the most die-hard AMD fans out there. The new 95W FX-8000 parts may be more tantalizing, if their specs aren't too pared-down.

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