Steve Ballmer leaves Microsoft board, goes ballin'

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer gave up his last official position with the company yesterday. In a letter to current chief Satya Nadella, Ballmer resigned from the board of directors "effective immediately."

Ballmer relinquished his role as CEO in February, ending 14 years as chief executive. He first joined Microsoft way back in 1980, when the firm was still in its infancy. After helming it through the glory days of the PC, he was largely blamed for being slow to respond to the burgeoning mobile market.

Since giving up his duties as CEO earlier this year, Ballmer has become "very busy" with other pursuits, including his newly acquired NBA team, the Los Angeles Clippers. Staying on the board would be "impractical" given his committments. Ballmer will, however, retain his sizable stake in Microsoft. He also says Nadella can count on him "to keep ideas and inputs flowing."

Now 58 years old, Ballmer hasn't lost any of his infamous enthusiasm. Here's some entertaining footage from Monday, when he was officially introduced as the Clippers' new owner:

Oh, Steve. Don't ever change.

Thanks to Meadows for the tip—and Ronald for the assist.

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