Rumor: Radeon R9 285 to arrive on September 2

A pair of new mid-range Radeon graphics cards may be just around the corner. According to CPU-World, AMD plans to introduce the rumored Radeon R9 285 on September 2, with a higher-specced R9 285X offering to follow "about a month later."

Both cards are said to feature the new Tonga GPU, which debuted aboard a FirePro workstation card last week. AMD hasn't revealed all of Tonga's specs yet, but CPU-World says the chip will have the same number of compute, texture, and ROP units as the existing Tahiti GPU—just with a narrower memory interface (256-bit instead of 384-bit).

The Radeon R9 285X will reportedly sport a full-fledged version of the chip, while the R9 285 is said to be pared down, with fewer compute and texture units.

Purported pictures of the R9 285 showed up last week, and we've been hearing whispers about the card since early this month. These reports suggest Tonga will replace the current Tahiti chip in existing Radeon R9 280-series products, as well.

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