1. Electic Tech reports that judge clears Rambus on JEDEC DDR allegation
  2. The Tech Zone explains how to start a tech site
  3. Tech Extreme on 'wearable motherboards' that could save lives
    and 3D for notebooks
  4. TweakMax has info on new rounded cables from VICS & IOSS
  5. Cutting the Edge's registry kung-fu: part one
  6. SourceMagazine reviews Office XP Professional
  7. Ars Technica reviews Max Payne
  8. The Triple Helix reviews Majestic
  9. Tech Extreme rants and raves about shock treatment and Code Red virus

  1. 1009 final BIOS for CUSL2 w/o onboard audio, CUSL2 w/onboard audio,
    CUSL2-LS, and TUSL2
  2. 1009 final BIOS for CUSL2-C w/o onboard audio, CUSL2-C w/onboard audio,
    CUSL2-CB, and TUSL2-C (thanks to Ryu Connor for all of these)
  3. HotHardware reviews EPoX EP-8K7A+
  4. Ambmb reviews Shuttle AK31 rev. 2.0
  5. X-bit labs has Socket A chipsets comparison
Graphics and multimedia

  1. Digit Life's 3Digest for July
  2. OtakuPC has lots of NED's
  3. Hard Tecs 4U's Creative Labs SBLive! install guide
  4. Digit Life reviews Acer CRW 1208A and Sony CRX160E-RP CD-RW drives
  5. SystemLogic reviews Wizcom Technologies QuickLink Pen
Accessories, case, and cooling

  1. BiT-Tech reviews the Laserbay: case lighting system
  2. Mikhailtech reviews PCMods ultrabright rheobus kit
  3. Chick's Hardware reviews Cooler Master ATC-200 mid-tower case
  4. FrostyTech reviews Dynatron Model-R 1U Cu microfin heatsink
  5. DreddNews reviews Vantec CCK-6035D
  6. TacoNuts adds Vantec Bay Freezer and retractable LAN cable
    to their giveaway contest
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