AMD to release revised FX processors early next month

In addition to the unveiling of the Radeon R9 285 today, AMD said it will be releasing several new CPUs in its high-end and somewhat neglected FX lineup on September 2.

Although the company didn't divulge all of the specs of these new processors, it looks like the rumors pretty much nailed it.

There will be an FX-8370 with a 125W TDP, likely with eight "Piledriver"-class CPU cores. Meanwhile, the FX-8370E will offer the same basic specs in a smaller 95W power envelope, and it may give up some Turbo performance in order to fit into its smaller TDP.

At the very high end of the FX lineup will be a revamped version of the FX-9590, the 220W burner that ships with its own water cooler. AMD revealed that it will be making a substantial price cut on the FX-9590, too. The firm didn't reveal the exact price, or how the rest of the FX lineup might be affected by the cut, during its live-streamed event.

In another move intended to entice system builders, AMD will be offering six-packs of certain CPUs at a discount, as well. Again, we're still fuzzy on the details. We'll update this story if we can shake loose some more details soon.

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